Josh Farmer

Josh Farmer was born with a passionate desire to create, build and ultimately change his world for the better guided by his strong personal faith and gifts for creativity, adaptation and innovation.From raising rabbits as a business at age eight knowing the “power of multiplication and profits” to later becoming a distinguished student, lawyer and serial entrepreneur...his launch of Freightworks shouldn’t be a surprise. He may be one of America’s few examples of someone who founded a growing law firm deeply respected by clients and transportation company known for unusually responsive service, driver care and thinking outside-the-box.Prayer, planning and a passionate work ethic have bulldozed obstacles others would have found insurmountable. But with a humility in leadership felt across a trucking & logistics enterprise now setting its sites on the next benchmark of 200 trucks, Josh leads a family oriented team of driver managers, maintenance staff and a supporting crew who have all bought into the value put on people, outstanding service, keeping promises and delighting our customers.He’s as comfortable in a grease splattered garage as an executive boardroom and practices daily the lost arts of servant driven leadership. Trucks and trailers are only tools in the hands of a transportation & logistics platform determined to set a new standard for driver care and customer satisfaction.In the midst of common industry challenges and the swirling complexities associated with managing so many moving parts in the Freightworks hub of activity you’ll often see Josh engaged in the trenches inspiring everyone to remember what you may overhear him saying if you draft in the wake of his nonstop movement.”We can do better. And...we can do better than that!”