FreightWorks is growing

Forged in the fires of industry challenges, prayer, and dedication.

About Us

FreightWorks, an asset-based truckload carrier, was born out of FuelWorks - a small family-owned biodiesel plant in the foothills of North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. When production exceeded sales, Joshua Farmer bid on a Volvo 670 that had one million miles - not actually intending to win. But he did. That first used truck started a new company and an exciting, incredible, unfolding story.

Throughout the years since that spring day in 2012, FreightWorks continues to grow - forged in the fires of industry challenges, prayer and dedication. Coming from titrating biodiesel and learning to solve the logistical matrix of moving freight, our team, cuts through the daily challenges to solve inevitable problems.

Now, with well over 100 trucks, we intently focus on our unique industry niche: hazmat, high-security, and temperature-controlled freight.

Through faith and an unshakable commitment to people, we continue to uphold our core convictions of telling the truth, taking accountability, and keeping our promises.

Our History

Our corporate story has unfolded mile by mile and shows a steady path moving forward.

From an improbable beginning the company has grown each year. Progress has been achieved through careful recruiting, empowering our staff, and a culture of serving each other. Our team is family and our customers are our focused concern.

Spring 2012

FreightWorks was established in April of 2012. Truck number 1 was purchased with the idea of using biodiesel manufactured by then sister company, FuelWorks. It ran great on biodiesel and hailed the beginning of the Freightworks adventure.Our first driver was hired. A dry van and flatbed trailer were purchased soon after. The first load was bottled water from Ice River Springs. A reefer trailer was added 6 months later. Hazmat and temperature-controlled freight quickly became our focused areas of expertise. In our first year, we added a couple more trucks and hired a few more drivers.


Hired our first set of team drivers. Hauled our first oversized load and made significant steps into heavy haul work. The fleet was growing quickly and truck number 20 was purchased that year. Drivers were now asking to join our team. Dispatch and the back office were run by 2-3 people.

The core fleet ran coast-to-coast, hauling a variety of commodities including hazmat, chemicals, produce, ice cream, bottled water and dry groceries.


Our first brand new truck was added to the fleet -  a distinctive copper - colored 2015 Volvo 670.Our fleet saw early adoption of eLogs that year, long before the federal mandate. The administrative team of 6 moved out of the shop offices to a log cabin style office on the same property as the main terminal. By the end of that year there were 9 staff.

The promise of a growing team was evident. With innovation and dedication a small western North Carolina trucking company began to make a distinctive mark of service excellence.


Launched McLeod Software as our transportation management software solution. This industry leading TMS accelerated our internal ability to execute the complexities of truckload logistics.

A big step occurred with the purchase of a fleet of new trucks - Kenworth 680s branded in the eye catching “Freightworks Blue.” A strategic purchase of new reefers with a complete graphics package were also added to the fleet. The fleet grew to more than 50 trucks.

Additionally, competencies and certifications were attained in the areas of pharmaceuticals & high-security transportation.

Our Reno Terminal was established and staffed to provide support to our growing customer base.


A strategic, direct effort was placed on developing direct relationships with key customers. This commitment continues today.

Launched a dedicated fleet for a single customer running from North Carolina to the Northeast.

Executed first upgrade to McLeod Software products. Invited to join McLeod’s Executive Advisory Board (as the smallest company in membership) which further solidified our commitment to innovate and leverage technology.


Expanded the customer base with approximately 80% of freight loads coming from direct customers.

Started offering full benefits package. Fully company-paid benefits included health, vision, short-term disability and life insurance. Additional options were available including 401k with company match.

The first semi-annual company BBQs were held - starting a company tradition of excellent food and fellowship. Attendance at the first BBQ was 71.


A threshold was reached and the pace and progress of growth accelerated.

Administrative staff doubled during the year. A dedicated Customer Service department was established. Purchased truck number 100 and exceeded 100 employees.


Launched a new fleet for a chemical customer in the Southeast.

Growth was quickly pointing in the direction of the need for a new facility. Purchased truck number 125 and exceeded 150 employees. The log cabin office now held 18, the nearby “safety house” held 4, the shop office held 3, and remote offices held 5 more. The shop lot had long since exceeded comfort capacity.


In January the safety department was the first to occupy the new-to-us terminal on Poors Ford Road. Operations and the shop moved in February. The facility had originally been constructed for a trucking company terminal and although repurposed several times over the years suited our needs quite well.

The shop now had 6 service bays and 1 drive-through bay. Operations and safety resided in the same building, increasing communication. The cross - dock offices were immediately transformed into a driver’s lounge with showers, laundry, four hotel-style bedrooms, and refreshments.

The COVID - 19 pandemic affected every industry. Due to our relationship with customers in essential industries, our trucks kept rolling. FreightWorks did not furlough a single employee. Our drivers held strong and faithfully continued to deliver each and every load.

Teamwork improved as we worked to overcome the immense challenges of 2020 together. Purchased truck number 175 and exceeded 175 employees. To facilitate direct input from our frontline workers - our drivers - we launched a cutting edge feedback platform, WorkHound.


Changes in an economy recovering from the pandemic brought new challenges to recruiting and employment. Drastic driver pay increases were announced, first one in Q1, second one in Q2.

A fleet upgrade was announced in April with the placement of a large order of Peterbilt “579 Ultra Loft” rigs.

FreightWork’s BBQs were relaunched as social distancing restrictions lifted.

Attendance in May 2021 was approximately 320. The Driver’s Lounge was expanded to include a full and equipped kitchen, lounge area and pool table.

Adjacent to the Driver’s Lounge a podcast studio was finished. “Life By The Mile,” a weekly podcast delivered by FreightWorks was announced in Q2 to be debuted at the start of Q3.

Plans for building a new terminal and HQ in Rutherfordton, NC materialize.

Stay tuned!

Our Mission

FreightWorks provides extraordinary truckload logistics solutions to specialty, hazmat, and temp-controlled customers through innovation and dedication.

Our Vision

We will continue to grow in size and scope of services using cutting-edge technology with a high personal touch with our drivers.

Freightworks has, from the beginning, adapted to a changing transportation and logistics industry. We change to meet the challenge of new realities. But, our core values of caring for people and keeping our promises remain rock solid.

Our Values

Inspired by personal faith, we approach each day’s challenges with heart, teamwork, and resolve.

This is who we are.

Exceptional Performance

We move mountains to achieve even small victories.

Lasting Relationships

People are more important than profits.

Safe Execution

Safety of our drivers and the families alongside whom we travel comes first. Always.

Unshakable Integrity

Every choice we make reflects the character of our company and convictions guiding them.


Our satisfaction is in the success of a well-executed plan - more so than who came up with it.

Evident Appreciation

We recognize personal sacrifices and those who go the extra mile.

Founded in Faith

It starts and ends here.

Eternal Impact

Nothing we do day in and day out is trivial. We have an eternal impact.

Our Team

Josh Farmer
Ray Farmer
Executive Vice President
Joyce Siqueira
Vice President of Operations
Tony Ward
Director of Maintenance
Andy Kidd
Director of Safety
Chris Davies
Maintenance & Fleet Manager

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