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Job Listings

Coast-to-Coast Team

Customer freight volumes to keep teams rolling, and, make great money and still enjoy regular home-time.

  • Base pay 65cpm
  • Max in-the-door pay 69cpm
  • Available after 1st calendar month 73.5cpm
  • Max potential pay 79.5cpm

Coast-to-Coast OTR Team

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North East Regional

Generous daily rate with weekly home time; a perfect fit for seasoned NE drivers.

Based out of Carlisle, PA.

  • Base pay $285/day
  • Max in-the-door pay $315/day
  • Max potential pay $390/day

North East Regional

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East Coast Regional

Dedicated home-time schedule with top-notch pay and consistent miles. Night driving required.

Based out of Gastonia, NC.

  • Base pay 54cpm (CT/MA lanes 65.5cpm)
  • Max in-the-door pay 64cpm (CT/MA lanes 69.5cpm)
  • Max potential pay 70cpm (CT/MA lanes 76.5cpm)

East Coast Regional

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East Coast OTR Solo

Superior pay with ample freight, home time as often as every 9 days* and plenty of work for those who want to keep on rolling.

(*if truck is based at a yard - MS, TN, NC, VA, PA)

  • Base pay 54cpm
  • Max in-the-door pay 65cpm
  • Available after 1st calendar month 66cpm

East Coast OTR Solo

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Driver Testimonials

Freightworks allows me to make good money and get home on a regular basis. plus I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone I deal with at the home terminal. I do my best to go above and beyond for Freightworks.

Joe Damato
driver at Freightworks

There’s no way that I can stress the relationship between myself and the people at Freightworks... this is family... and there’s nobody I’ve know in the business since 1965 that ever has done for me and for my family as Freighworks.

Bob Coulter
driver at Freightworks

This has been by far one of the best companies I have ever worked for. You all have treated me like family. That has meant a lot to me. More so than I could ever express.

James Shotwell
driver at Freightworks

3 year anniversary of working for the company and still happy with the company which is an absolute first out of 29 companies I've worked for in this industry so that is saying a lot!

Team Dalton
driver at Freightworks