Winter Reminders For Every Professional Driver

Dec 15, 2022

You don’t need a weather app or the Weather Channel to know we are well into the season of frost, ice, snow, slurry mixtures, and frigid temperatures. While life on the road is a daily challenge the unpredictable winter season presents new challenges and opportunities to be safe!

Here are some winter reminders:

The unsung heroes of winter driving are those snow plow drivers. Thank you for the clear roads! But snow plows need extra time, more following distance, and loads of patience to do their job. This winter, be reminded that safety is a group effort and that group includes snow plows.

Make sure you have clothing appropriate to the weather. Warm jackets, boots, gloves, and long undergarments are all in order. It’s important to remember you may need to wait out road closures and traffic accidents. Preparing for the unexpected is a must!

Always pull off the road in a safe location before calling back to your driver manager if you have a situation requiring help. It helps when everyone is aware of   National Weather Service radio stations in your driving area and state DOT websites that display road closures and government sites for any emergency declarations.

Predictable communication among our FreightWorks team can meet any challenge the unpredictable winter may throw our way. It also goes with saying that your chains and other winter equipment should be good and ready to go! Do a quick review of all your winter driving support and if you have any questions make sure you check in with your FreightWorks driver manager or our Safety Director Andy Kidd.

Depending on the apps you have you should receive alerts about upcoming road safety conditions such as traffic incidents, weather, gusty wind areas, chain-up locations, and available truck parking. Be diligent to take advantage of all the information on your tablet or phone and always remember your driver managers are there to help you! Above all, plan ahead, slow down when it’s prudent to do so, be patient, keep the big picture in view and never let stress or impatience blind you to dangers just around the corner.

Day after day. Mile after mile. Load by load. We’re a team at FreightWorks and working together we’ll get through whatever winter holds across this beautiful country! Safety always comes first.

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