Setting A New Gold Standard For Customer Service Every Day

Nov 9, 2021

In an increasingly competitive freight and logistics market the leading transportation companies have learned the power of keeping promises, pursuing creative solutions to daily challenges and always keeping a customer’s needs front-and-center with each and every successfully delivered freight load.

There can be no slippery words like “sort of”, “kinda” or “maybe” when it comes to today’s customer relationships!  More than ever before it’s a daily, diligent effort by an entire team to meet and exceed the escalating expectations of companies stretched thin by America’s well publicized supply chain dilemmas. It’s been a season of monumental challenges. Companies unwilling to adapt, pivot and change to meet a customer’s often fluid needs simply won’t survive in the uncertain days ahead.

“FreightWorks does whatever necessary to keep commitments and delight the customer.” Chemours Leadership Team

That is why FreightWorks is very honored to have been  named Chemours North American “Gold Carrier of the Year” with an on-time delivery rate in 2020 of over 98 percent! It takes daily, organic teamwork to provide the top notch service required to receive this coveted award which we humbly note here with thankful hearts.

In an online award ceremony on November 8th, 2021 with the joint Chemours and FreightWorks teams it was noted that in 2020 there were 1776 truckloads which were delivered having travelled over 3.5 million miles.  In 2021 to date there’s been only 1 miss in over 2,000 loads nearing an unheard of 100% delivery schedule during what one Chemours executive noted has been the most challenging trucking environment they have seen in 30 years.

"What impresses me about FreightWorks is their unwavering commitment to listen and provide exceptional customer service.” Chemours Leadership Team

Our FreightWorks staff come from such diverse places but unite around a core, common commitment. We passionately pursue exceeding a customer’s expectations and look for ways to delight, surprise and “go the extra mile” not unlike the old donut shops who’d add a 13th cake to make a “baker’s dozen.”

During the online award ceremony comments like “you are a partner not just a vendor” and “you really know how to listen” were shared along with the notation that the team is “so easy to work with.”

“The last two (volatile) years have sorted out who are “suppliers” and who are “partners”  and you are a vital partner. Your work exemplifies excellence.” Chemours Leadership Team

The Chemours Company, a global chemistry enterprise, recently announced this first annual Carrier of the Year Award recognizing excellence in transportation of Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide (TiO2) to Chemours customers. The Titanium Technologies procurement and logistics teams, with support from CLX Logistics, developed a consistent set of criteria to evaluate the top North American carriers by load counts. Carriers were evaluated based on 2020 to 2021 rate of on-time pickup and delivery, customer service, and ease of doing business, among other metrics.

As with other dedicated customers and frequent routes the FreightWorks path will continue to focus on process improvement with a goal to keep pressing ahead to new levels of performance. It’s the FreightWorks way!

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