Leveraging Technology to Make Your Drivers More Successful

Nov 19, 2021

FreightWorks Shares Positive Technology Tools Used To Build Driver Satisfaction In McLeod Software Webinar

VP of Operations Joyce Siqueira presented keen insights during a McLeod Software webinar while sharing from her perspective as a trucking and logistics  veteran. The session titled “Leveraging Technology To Make Your Drivers More Successful” also included executives from Cardinal Transport and Women In Trucking.

This timely conversation focused on leveraging technology to make any company’s drivers more successful while building trust, morale and overall transportation enterprise effectiveness.

Marketplace leader McLeod Software was the host for this timely and energetic interaction. Speakers explored how various technologies can address old challenges like driver recruitment, retention and fostering a life giving corporate culture. An additional emphasis was placed on the strategic role of women in trucking and ways a company can successfully tap into this sector.

To see the full webinar click here: https://vimeo.com/647477564/b69e846057

Or watch bellow:

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