Drivers In America Make All The Difference And We Respect Them!

Sep 12, 2022

We just started another week where every moment of the day and night trucks will be delivering loads of everything imaginable to places near and far. What makes this particular week so special is that from September 11-17 we celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It’s a time at FreightWorks that we step back and remember what incredible sacrifices and service come from our professional drivers who know the labor and joys of moving freight. As the podcast host for our twice-a-week broadcast “Life By The Mile” our studio is just off the driver's lounge where each week l have the indescribable privilege to speak with our drivers.

They are such an incredibly diverse and colorful tribe who as solos, teams, over-the-road, regional, and designated route professionals all reflect commitment, professionalism, resilience, sacrifice, and service. At FreightWorks we call our drivers “family” for one profoundly simple reason.

They are.

As one recent podcast guest described it “America’s truckers are the last cowboys in our nation with steely resolve, ferocious commitment, and the faith to keep moving the freight forward.” Few of us will ever know the rigors of the road nor such tremendous moment-by-moment responsibilities of navigating uncertain highways, sometimes fitful weather, reckless drivers, undulating roads, and all with 80,000 pounds of freight.

We take for granted what a driver never can and lose sight of how vital their service is to us daily. The shelves of our retail stores, medical supplies in our hospitals, gas in our cars, and EVERYTHING we take for granted would evaporate before our eyes if America’s supply chain warriors simply chose not to suit up and show up for another day.

After the end of a recent long day in the studio feeling the wonder of such rich, relevant, and redemptive driver stories l scribbled these simple words on a piece of paper:

•It's a daily and unshakable commitment!
•Quality sets its own standards!
•Rain or shine!
•We never back down!
•Life by the mile!
•Our pet friends are road warriors too!
•How can we say thanks?

As our FreightWorks family assembles for our annual BBQ Saturday, September 17th it’s with a sense that “driver appreciation” is a daily commitment. When load planners map out a destination, finance prepares payroll, driver managers check in on a man or woman en route, or a mechanic puts on another new tire it’s all done with a heart to serve those who serve others so selflessly.

Every mile is a simple song of significant service to the customers we help and a company committed to making FreightWorks a community of care. We’re so grateful for our drivers and with each new weekly onboarding class of professionals are reminded of God’s rich blessings.

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