A Daily Prayer For FreightWorks Drivers

Oct 14, 2021

Psalm 46:1 (Amplified)
God is our refuge and strength [mighty and impenetrable],
A very present and well-proved help in trouble.

It happens every morning and night. It’s as predictable as the geyser “Old Faithful” in the iconic Yellowstone Park. A FreightWorks driver will start an engine or shut the deep, rumbled roar down as one journey makes its start and another comes to an end. In between this diesel cycle of life are the miles ticking away on undulating, asphalt ribboned highways from America’s heartland to major urban areas dotting the map of the United States and its 3.7 million square miles. The third largest country in the world by land mass is woven and stitched together by a robust history filled with colorful stories of service and sacrifice not unlike America’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers who are some of the most dependable and incredibly hard-working pistons in our country’s supply chain engine. With a foundation of faith and a team of driver managers, staff, leadership and an owner for whom personal prayer is real and regular... FreightWorks keeps every driver, their families and those they love in prayer for every mile...every day. Why? Because we see names of people we honor, love and respect not just truck and trailer numbers. We are guided by a passion for long term relationships not the indifference of treating everyone like an object to be moved about by hurried habit or whim. Our drivers know they are always just a text or phone call away from life giving encouragement. On dark nights traveling along forgotten winding roads and busy interstates our men and women, solos and team, over-the-road and regional professional drivers know they’re never alone - ever. We’re a family forged in the fires of every blown tire, reefer malfunction, unforeseen road incident or weather report. The obstacles and challenges that are inevitable in logistics are simply opportunities to remember (again) that there is a God who sees us, cares for our well being and is a guiding hand for every mile on the road. We trust when every circumstance screams out not to. So we pray. And believe. Never stopping. Holding doubt at bay. Trust and faith flow from our earnest, fervent prayers for those we place in Gods keeping just like our diverse team of truck drivers. So today as every day here was a prayer for our drivers as the globe makes its circle in the heavens that are a reminder of our omnipotent Creator.

Dear God...

Please guide, sustain, protect and direct every driver today. Put a high, protected guard around them and illuminate their paths on roads well traveled with bodies often so weary for the daily wear. Nourish them with provision. Help them find safe spaces and quiet places to rest. Give them the right words to say with sometimes demanding customers and unpredictable highway regulators...other drivers, pedestrians and strangers along the way. When family and friends seem so far away and loneliness stalks like some lion of discouragement ignite in them that passionate purpose that brought them to the road in the beginning. May their trips be on time, uneventful, guided by your merciful hand and punctuated by some miracle or mystery that nourishes even the most weathered, weary soul. Give joy for each journey and anchor the driving family in faith with an abiding gratefulness for Your simple, loving care for every part of our daily journey. We trust You and pray this in the holy, reliable and faithful name of Jesus.


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